Take Better Photos

Photography tips and techniques for beginners

Differnt ways to learn

Video Courses

All the tips and techniques you need. Watch the pre-recorded session in your own time.

Live Classes

Live classes online. Groups are kept small so you can ask questions and get support.

Want some free photo tips to get started?

Class reviews

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Very enjoyable, good information, I liked the challenges. It was great that they were on zoom which allowed us all to participate from home. The examples were very interesting too and I liked that you could show us pictures of good and bad photos when discussing the different techniques..
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I really enjoyed the classes and took a lot from them (my husband prob won’t thank you for teaching me the slow shutter light photos 😂), things that I can do with my own phone (have now downloaded camera +2 app) plus things I can try on the big camera.
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I really enjoyed classes thanks and would be keen on more when you’re able.
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Thanks very much for the course it was excellent. The part I found most useful was that I learned an awful lot about my camera in an easy manner and started to understand how to use it properly.
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